Effective Pyrmont Dog Training School for Your Family Pet

Is your puppy forgetting its toilet training? Perhaps its started to tear your laundry down from the washing line? Either way, it’s important to intervene and teach your little one good behaviours before it’s too late.

With our tried-and-tested dog training methods, we will help your pet get on-track with its training and become better behaved in almost no time at all. Whether you are looking to set your dog up with good habits at the start of its life, or fix years of bad behaviour in an older dog, we are able to create a customised training plan.

Our tips and tricks will last across your dog’s life – although some animals are slow to learn, they will be able to develop long-standing habits.

Why choose our dog trainer?

Liarne, our dog trainer, is known throughout Sydney’s Inner West for being gentle in her approach, yet firm and effective at the same time.

We offer sessions in the locations that are most convenient to you. We can travel to your home or a nearby home to teach your dog new tricks. If you prefer, you can visit us in our centralised dog training school for intensive behavioural training in a neutral environment.

During the initial consultation, we will prepare your dog for the curriculum of training school, and equip it with the basic techniques it will need to succeed. Then, we will develop an at-home training plan so you can help your dog get its head around the complex behaviours it needs to know. 

Contact our dog training school to book

If you would like further information on our training program, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and book your puppy in for an initial session in Pyrmont and the Inner West, at a time that suits you.

Leave Dog Training To The Experts
Book with Liarne now for either a private or puppy school training session. Availabilities book up so call to inquire about the best time that suits you!