Caring Dog Trainer in Waterloo, Sydney

If your dog has started acting badly – perhaps it is chewing up the furniture or disobeying its toilet training – your best course of action is booking it in for a training session, so it can unlearn problem behaviours before they become too ingrained.

No matter if the problems have been occurring across your dog’s whole life, or if they have just sprung up, we are able to rectify these bad behaviours. We are also able to lay the foundations for good training across a puppy’s lifetime, so you can get a head start.

Our experienced dog trainer, Liarne, will create a customised training plan for your furry friend, to target its problem behaviours. At K9 Trainer, we never adopt a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, we treat every dog as an individual with unique needs. Within this plan, we will also give you guidelines for how to continue training in your own time at home.

The most convenient dog training school in Sydney

We offer sessions in a centralised location in the Inner West. This training school provides your pets a neutral location where they can learn new skills.

If it’s more convenient for you, please feel free to choose to conduct sessions in your own home or in a nearby park. We are able to travel throughout the Inner Western suburbs to provide comprehensive training in a space that suits you.

Contact us to book an initial appointment in Waterloo

To find out more information on our training programs, please feel free to contact Liarne, our head dog trainer. She will provide details on our prices and dog curriculum to help you make the right decision. Every session is complete value for money when you’re able to welcome a well-behaved dog back into your home.

Leave Dog Training To The Experts
Book with Liarne now for either a private or puppy school training session. Availabilities book up so call to inquire about the best time that suits you!