Book your Puppy in at Dog Training School in Sydney’s Inner West

Worried about how your dog is behaving? Concerned that it’s ripping up your favourite shoes, disobeying your commands and pulling you along on the leash?

Consider taking your puppy to training school to help it learn better behaviours and get control of its manners. With our easy-to-follow training plans, your puppy will be playing nice in no time, and responding to your commands with ease.

With years of experience training all sorts of breeds, our lead dog trainer is able to create long-standing good behaviours in every pooch. Whether your dog has ingrained bad habits, or just needs a little discipline, she is able to provide a plan that will last it a lifetime.

We’re gentle in our approach but at the end of the sessions, your dog will definitely know who’s boss.

Your puppy deserves the best dog training around

We take care to work with your pup over a long period of time, with each session building on the previous one. As it’s unlikely a new behaviour will be learned immediately, we make sure we’re patient in our approach. This means we’re dedicated to seeing success.

As well as our one-on-one lessons with your prized pooch, we give you the tools to conduct sessions in your own time – think of it as puppy school homework. This means that your dog will advance through the levels even faster, and you’ll see improvement in no time.

What’s more, each training plan is completely customised to your pet and their behaviours – we adopt far from a one-size-fits-all approach.

Contact our Inner West dog trainer to book an introductory session

We’re ready to go – is your dog ready too? If so, contact us to discuss the process, lesson content, and to book your dog in for an initial session. We operate throughout the whole Inner West of Sydney, including Pyrmont and Waterloo.

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Dr Dave and Sydney dog whisperer Liarne Henry have released a new book that helps aspiring and new puppy owners to choose the right puppy and start training them properly.