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Who turned out the lights?

Helen discusses how Liarne helped her little dog Tilly, who suddenly went blind.

Saffy the rescue dog...

President - Australian Support Dogs

Liarne is an exceptional trainer with a deep and instinctive understanding of animal behaviour. As the President of Australian Support Dogs, I am a strong supporter of training programs that emphasise positive reinforcement. I believe that Liarne and her training techniques are best of breed and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a compassionate, reliable and dedicated trainer for their four-legged companion.

Danielle Press, President – Australian Support Dogs

From shy to Hiiiiiiiiii!

When we first brought Marley home, we thought we had made a mistake. Brandy didn’t take well to her at all. Thanks to your guidance, they are now great friends. You helped us show Brandy how to accept Marley and made life at home much easier.

Outside our home, Marley was a very shy and timid puppy. She would hide behind the kid’s chairs at puppy school. Thank you for allowing her to repeat puppy school until she gained her self-esteem. She is so confident that she has to greet and play with every dog she meets, even the large ones. Most big dog owners are surprised at how Marley isn’t afraid of their dogs. I always tell them how great her puppy school and teacher were.

It used to be very hard and stressful to walk Brandy. She would bark at every dog she saw. Adolescent class was amazing. Brandy now focuses on me instead of the other dog and we can walk pass calmly, even if they are barking at her. She is a new dog and we have developed a beautiful relationship. We even returned the thundershirt!!

Thank you so much for everything. We have learnt and gained so much. Both girls are so well behaved and are happier. We have bonded so well thanks to you. I will always recommend you and your classes.

Thank you,


Oscar, not just a pretty face

When I got my standard poodle pup, Oscar, I immediately was barraged with conflicting information from friends, pet shops, vets, and authoritative puppy books! I needed answers and I needed them fast…

….Enter Liarne!  She was referred to me by word of mouth as being one of the best dog trainers in Sydney.  Liarne immediately gave me advice on no-nonsense toilet training and house etiquette that worked almost immediately. She then, over the next few sessions, helped me with other puppy issues like teething/mouthing/nipping, jumping, focusing attention on me, walking on the leash, coming when called, and having control over what Oscar nibbles on in the park (that could one day save his life)…just to name a few.

Fast-forward to now, Oscar is 4 years old and has turned out to be the magnificent dog that he was always destined to be and Liarne has been there to support me all the way through. She is extremely professional and is always there for me when any issues arise.

Liarne’s true love of four-legged creatures is evident when Oscar jubilantly bounds through the park to greet Liarne if he happens to see her.  And, believe me, if Liarne is anywhere in the park, Oscar will find her!  I would be more than happy to speak to any of Liarne’s prospective clients and they should please feel free to ring me.

Jessica – Bellevue Hill

Toffee, sweet by name and sweet by nature...

We called Liarne back for some extra help with our six months old Airedale, Toffee, after being very confused with all the different points of view from friends, obedience school and Internet info on how to stop this growing dog from pulling during walks.

We first met Liarne at puppy school and found her methods of positive reinforcement and explanation of dog behaviour very insightful. We want training to be a great experience for our furry child as well.

Toffee loved the puppy classes, extra session and Liarne.

Thanks Liarne for all your help!

Max, another rescue dog success...

Liarne has been really helpful with our dog, Max.

Max is a 3 year old rescue dog who, whilst settling in well in the first 6 weeks that we have had him still had some things that we wanted to change in his behaviour. Liarne was great at identifying the root cause for this behaviour, and suggested simple actions. It was great training for the humans let alone the dog!

Max suffered from a bit of separation anxiety, struggled to settle down in the evening and despite knowing lots of commands, didn’t know how to sit!

Thanks to Liarne’s training, Max’s behaviour with these issues improved significantly (very quickly), even learning how to sit in one evening training session! I would recommend her to anyone who has any training problems with their dog or puppy.

Elle White and Kristian Purdie

I'm fierce and really, really scary...

As first time dog-owners, we really didn’t want to do the wrong thing with training but after one home visit, Liarne completely reassured us in the best way to raise Poppy.

Being an excitable Labrador X King Charles Cavalier we needed all the help we could get and Puppy School has been invaluable – Liarne’s attitude, experience and indepth knowledge of how dog’s think make it easy to see why her methods really work.

All the tips and tricks are not only fun for us but Poppy doesn’t even realise she’s training! I will definitely be recommending K9 trainer to my friends, thanks Liarne!

Barry & Rosie

We were cheated!

We thought it was going to take months to train our spoodle puppy. We worried that it would always be a bit of a work in progress. The speed with which Liarne trained Bertie amazed us. It almost felt like we’d cheated! We basically just picked up where Liarne left off. Bertie is a happy dog anywaybut now he clearly understands what we want and what the structure is he seems very content.

Richard, Emily and family. Pyrmont

Gentle, common sense...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful results of your training with our Reggie. As you know we had consulted several trainers prior to you, and now believe this only traumatised him further. We really appreciated your gentle common sense approach, once you explained dog energy and behaviour it all falls into place.

We have implemented all of your recommendations. So, he no longer shakes when we leave him and most importantly is not aggressive towards other dogs or people. Now all 3 of us are enjoying the walks with our well-adjusted happy boy!! Cannot thank you enough…

Jen & Mark Norris

Sally the excavator...

We tried everything to stop our dog digging under the fences of our neighbours. We squirted water into her face, made loud sharp noises, locked her into the laundry, took her back to the whole, pointed at it and said “Bah” and even tied her up and gave her a slap. Every dog trainer we brought into the house had another method. None of them stopped Sally’s digging! We were about to give up and just have the courtyard paved as my husband’s business partner recommended Liarne.

She explained to us that our dog was suffering of separation anxiety as we were at work during the day, we followed Liarne’s advice to the letter and after only three days Sally stopped digging under the fence altogether.

Whenever we want advice, we contact Liarne and by just following her advice, we can maintain a happy well behaved dog.


Ann Segermark

The Harvard graduate...

Harvard and I will be forever thankful for your words of wisdom, patience, kindness, knowledge and pure genuineness.

You are truly a walking/talking dog bible. Harvard is so much a better dog, and I a better owner. We regularly have admirers that are so impressed with his mannerisms and its all thanks to you!

Thank you again and hope that there are many more dogs and owners that are blessed with your experience.



Ivy, less of a biter, more of a kisser!

Liarne has helped us so much with our 7 month old German Shepherd. We had a lot of trouble with her hyperactivity levels, biting and insecurity problems. In only two sessions, Liarne bonded so much with our Ivy and gave us highly effective exercises to solve our issues with her.

They have helped her tremendously. She is now less of a biter and more of a kisser. She is also getting used to strangers and other dogs, as well as our socially awkward cat (which is a relief). We cannot thank Liarne enough for the things she has done for our dog and we’ll be sure to recommend her to anyone facing similar problems.

Our beautiful rescue dog, Mickie...

 just wanted to thank you so much for helping us settle in our beautiful rescue dog Mickie. We wanted to give her the best chance at rehabilitation from her old horrible life and I truly thank you for loving her as much as we do and having her best interests at heart. I have learnt more in my sessions with you than in all my time as a dog owner (since I was two years old!!). Your puppy classes were an informative and enriching experience and I am very grateful for the opportunity to observe a master at work!

I respect your methods and attitude to dogs and I can see that you are a fellow animal lover, which is why I have absolute trust in you with our special friend.

We are enjoying the most special bond with our dog and after following your advice I believe she is a happy and well-adjusted dog who is drawn to people and I think this is a wonderful achievement considering her history.

Thanks again and keep in touch,

Sophie Branch

Lily and her anxiety. It's a wrap...

Good to meet you last Saturday, and thank you so much for your help with Lily.  She wore the anxiety wrap for the first time last night and it was amazing!  She completely zoned out and stood behind the sofa wagging her tail pretty much ignoring anyone walking passed the house (an occasional growl or low bark).

She’s stopped barking at the neighbours and doesn’t bark at everyone who walks passed (just picks the occasional one).

Many thanks

I'm sooo happy everyone loves me!

Hi I’m Fafa,

When I first came home at 8 weeks old dad called Liarne to help him be a better dad.I also went to Liarnes puppy school with dad.I quickly learnt to sit, wee and poo outside, be nice to other dogs, leave it, come, eat with good manners, walk with good manners, not eat the furniture, not talk too much and not jump up and bite. Im sooooo happy, everyone loves me!!

Fafa(Ed Smith, Elizabeth Bay)