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Personal Dog Trainer

“Dog training shouldn’t be a battle of wills. If you learn to communicate with your dog in a language he can understand you will learn how to take the lead – just like a leader within a dance”.

Liarne Henry

Positive, reward based training isn’t just all about giving treats, it’s about communicating with your dog in a language they can understand.

Unlike humans, who use verbal communication, dogs use body language.

With an individual styled training session catered specifically to your dog’s needs we start training in a comfortable and safe environment, your home.

Free from distractions, we can give your dog the individual attention they require in the time they need. We usually fix most behavioural problems with a 2 to 3 hours session, followed by a follow-up session 2 weeks later.

As Liarne doesn’t charge hourly rates, the entire family can relax, ask questions and enjoy the training without any time constrictions. With the right guidance, your dog will learn to follow your lead, setting them up for success.