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Conquering Separation Anxiety for Dogs and Puppies

At K9 Trainer, we understand that separation anxiety can be a challenging issue for many dogs and owners. With over a decade of experience, dog trainer Liarne Henry, has developed a specialised training program aimed at addressing and overcoming separation anxiety in dogs and puppies. Our unique approach not only teaches your furry friend how to cope with being alone but also strengthens the bond between you and your pet.

Understanding Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety is a common issue faced by dogs of all ages. To a certain degree there is a genetic component but often it is loving owners contributing to it without even realising it. Separation anxiety can manifest through various behaviours such as excessive barking, destructive actions, urinating and defecating in a dog that is otherwise perfectly toilet trained and distress when separated from their owners. At K9 Trainer, we focus on identifying the root causes of separation anxiety in dogs and implementing targeted strategies to address them, providing relief and support for dogs with separation anxiety.

How We Help

Our dog separation anxiety training program is tailored to meet the needs of each individual separation anxiety dog, ensuring the most effective results. Through a combination of positive reinforcement techniques and behaviour modification strategies, we help dogs learn to feel secure and calm even when they’re alone.

Services Offered

About Liarne

Liarne Henry is a renowned dog trainer with over ten years of experience specialising in behavioural training and separation anxiety in dogs. Her passion for helping dog and puppy separation anxiety sufferers live harmoniously with their owners has made her a trusted name in the industry. Liarne’s methods are based on the latest research and a deep understanding of dog psychology, ensuring that all dogs with separation anxiety receive the best possible care and training.




How can I tell if my dog has separation anxiety?


Signs of separation anxiety include destructive behaviour, excessive barking, and distress when left alone. If your dog exhibits these behaviours, it might be time to consider our dog separation anxiety training program.


How long does it take to cure separation anxiety in dogs?


Regarding how to cure separation anxiety in dogs, the duration of the training depends on the severity of the anxiety and the individual dog. However, with consistent training and follow-through, many owners see significant improvements in their separation anxiety dogs within a few weeks.


Can older dogs benefit from separation anxiety training?


Absolutely. Dogs of all ages can learn to cope with separation anxiety. Our programs are designed to cater to dogs at any stage of life beginning from puppy separation anxiety.


How to cure separation anxiety in puppies?

In terms of puppies and separation anxiety, early socialisation and training are key. Our puppy school classes are an excellent way to prevent puppy separation anxiety by teaching your furry friend how to be comfortable with being alone from a young age.

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At K9 Trainer, we're dedicated to providing you and your canine with the tools and support needed to overcome dog and puppy separation anxiety. With Liarne Henry's expertise and our comprehensive training programs, you can look forward to a happier, more peaceful life with your furry friend.


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Feel free to download my puppy book from k9trainer.com.au. Will give you plenty of tips!

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