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Puppy School in Alexandria

Are you looking for a reliable dog training facility or puppy kindergarten in Alexandria? You’ve found it! Look no farther than K9 Trainer. Under the direction of Liarne Henry, a passionate dog behaviourist, she specialises in providing top-notch training services to assist you in strengthening your relationship with your canine. The ultimate goal is to make your dog companion a well-mannered, content member of your family.

Why Choose K9 Trainer?

Extensive Expertise: Through her many years of expertise as a dependable and knowledgeable dog behaviourist, Liarne Henry has developed a solid reputation in the field. She is the go-to educator for all your puppy and dog training needs as a result of her experience and genuine passion for dogs.

Personalised In-Home Training: Liarne understands that every dog is unique, and has specific training requirements. That’s why K9 Trainer offers personalised in-home training sessions. These sessions are tailored to address individual behavioural issues and provide guidance in the comfort of your own home.

Puppy School Classes: Alexandria Puppy School offers a 4-week program that gives your young pup a solid basis in obedience and interaction under the direction of Liarne Henry. Puppies can learn, play, and acquire vital social skills in these schools’ safe and controlled environments.

Positive Reinforcement Approach: At K9 Trainer, there is a firm belief in utilising positive reinforcement training methods. The focus is on rewarding desired behaviours and employing gentle techniques to encourage your dog’s learning and progress. This approach ensures a joyful and harmonious training experience for both you and your beloved companion.

Comprehensive Training Solutions: Whether you require assistance with basic obedience, behavioural issues, or advanced training, Liarne at K9 Trainer has you covered. A comprehensive range of training services includes leash training, recall training, housebreaking, aggression management, and more.

Results-Driven Approach: Helping you obtain enduring results is the ultimate objective. In order to do this, Liarne collaborates closely with you and your dog, offering direction and encouragement all the way through the training process. As your pup learns proper manners and how to obey, you will be able to see the significant change in their behaviour.

During Alexandria puppy and dog school classes, your pooch will learn:

Requirements for Puppy School:

Enrollment Process:

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If you’re not sure which way to go and need guidance towards making an informed decision, please feel free to give our experienced behavioural dog trainer a call. We’re confident our dog obedience classes in Sydney can give you the success you’re seeking.



Courses run for 4 weeks, Liarne provides training notes, online and phone support.

To enrol, call email or fill out a contact form.


Feel free to download my puppy book from k9trainer.com.au. Will give you plenty of tips!

Monday: 7.00pm to 8.15pm
@ Double Bay Veterinary Clinic, 123 Manning Rd,
Woollahra NSW 2025

Tuesday: 7.00pm to 8.15pm
@ Pyrmont Vet, 2-4 Scott St
Pyrmont NSW 2009

Wednesday: 7.00pm to 8.15pm
@ Barker Ark Pet Groomer, 100/8 Lachlan St
Waterloo NSW 2017

Thursday: 7.00pm to 8.15pm
@ Southern Cross Vet, 419 Cleveland St
Redfern NSW 2016

Don’t accept anything less than the best canine training. You can count on K9 Trainer, a reputable dog and puppy school in Alexandria, to give your cherished pet the best possible training.